Shincheonji is abbreviations of these Korean words meaning”new heaven and new earth.”

Shincheonji church has been set up by lee man hee. It is not only any other church but additionally called”new heaven and new earth.” Individuals who are searching for God should hunt for shincheonji, and you can get the answer you’re looking for. Shincheoji is different from different churches, and also to join one has to simply take study to be part of this group. Shincheonji is a church for local and international that’s hard to categorize along with regular church that is Christian.

Shincheonji instructs members to receive salvation throughout the right time of final conclusion. Will not be confused and will up end getting destroyed. The group is both messianic and apocalyptic and is portrayed as being a doomsday cult. The church followers refer lee since the guaranteed pastor, the urge, the chairman, and usually the person that overcomes. People believe he may be the returned Jesus Christ because of his secretive nature.

Lots of people have faith in lee and believe that during the afternoon of Judgment, he will require the followers with him to heaven and revel in eternal existence. Though they will have a bad image in South Korean society, there are lakhs of followers, and there must be a reason. Members are adding up every day, and also the group has been growing. People should stop judging and allow them practice the things they believe and to complete exactly what they want. To gather new details on Shinchonji please check over here

Many protesters ban the church because other churches are concerned about the accelerated spiritual sect from South Korea. Lee is saddened as a result of the negativity; he strongly believed that society has been visiting it wrong. The society is currently blaming the epidemic on the church without any proof. The creator of the church is getting endangered, that isn’t fair because every person has the right to practice any religion. It’s time for folks to recognize that they ought to quit coming people which religion to follow along.